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All For Fashion Industry magazine (Ukraine) is a specialized edition for Ukrainian clothing, footwear and fashion accessories manufacturers, which contains information of suppliers (Yellow Pages).
The magazine is distributed both as a print edition and as Online (html) version.

Information about the print edition:
203x203 mm
Circulation: 2500 copies
Printing: full-coloured (a magazine) & 2-coloured (a catalogue of suppliers) pages
Ukrainian, Russian
Published since
Informbusiness ltd, Kyiv, Ukraine

Next publications: 28.06.2021; 27.12.2021

Distribution of the print magazine:

at the specialized Ukrainian fashion fairs (free of charge):
- Leather&Shoes, Expo Fur   20-23.07.2021, Kyiv;
- Galychina Fashion Expo –  August 2021, Lviv;
- Kyiv Fashion 7-9.09.2021, Kyiv;
- Children's Fashion Fair 8-10.09.2021, Kyiv;
- Alltex September 2021, Kyiv;
- ExpoShoes October 202z, Kyiv.

Direct mail to the clothing, footwear and fashion accessories manufactures of Ukraine, using our own data base;
Direct mail to Ukrainian companies, which supply equipment, materials, accessories for clothes, footwear & bags manufactures (
using our own data base).

Online version is being promoted on our websites, our social media pages and via email newsletters to Ukrainian clothing and footwear manufactures.
Look at the Online version of the latest issue (you can follow the
ads' links and visit the advertisers' websites):

PRICE for advertisment in All For Fashion Industry magazine
Black &Yellow ad in Catalogue of suppliers (Yellow pages)
Part of page
Size (mm) Price (Euro)
1/2 (b&y)
175х85 240
1 page (b&y)
Advertising article, 1 page (b&y)

Advertising article, 2 pages (b&y)
Full-coloured ad in Catalogue of suppliers (Yellow pages)
Part of page Size (mm) Price (Euro)
1 page (any section)
203х203 560
2 pages (face&back side, any section)
1/4 (particular section)
85х84 190
1/2 (particular section) 175х84 290
1 page (particular section) 203х203 490
Full-coloured ad at the beginning of the edition (Magazine part)
Part of page Size (mm) Price (Euro)
1/4 85х84 250
1/2 175х84
1 page
203х203 680
Advertising articles, 2 pages

Cover and special pages
Part of page Size (mm) Price (Euro)
1-st page of the magazine (near 2-nd cover) 203х203 800
3-d page of the magazine 203х203 750
1-st cover
203х126 1200
2-nd cover
203х203 900
3-d cover
203х203 800
4-th cover
203х203 1000

 Bonuse in a Catalogue part (Yellow pages) is included in the price of  Full-coloured ad at the beginning of the edition, covers and special pages.

A discount system
for the advertisement placing in several iccues: 2 issues - 5%

Deadline for booking ad in 28.06.2021 issue: - 1.06.2021

Contact us:
Degtyarivska str., 28, app.19, Kyiv, 04119, Ukraine
e-mail: ib@ib.kiev.ua
+380 (44) 489-3246, (50) 441-6801, (067) 506-6343 (Viber)

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+38 0 (50) 441-68-01

Адреса: Україна, Київ
Моб.телефон: +38 0 50 441-68-01 (Viber, Telegram)
+38 0 50 441-68-01
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