Publishing center «INFORMBUSINESS»

Publishing center «Informbusiness» has been working at the Ukrainian advertising market since 1998. We publish the catalogues of suppliers and the specialized magazines for some industries, retailers, restaurants, agriculture, et cetera. We also have a few websites, which provides trading tools for companies.
Distribution of our editions for professionals is free of charge.  You can find the information about the edition on it's website. If your company is interested in advertisement, please, contact us.

+380 (44) 489-32-46,
206-52-65, 206-52-81

Post adress: PO box 19, Kyiv, 04119, Ukraine
Mobile phone: +38 0 50 441-68-01
+38 0 67 506-63-43

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Our websites:
Website provides trading tools for Ukrainian companies. Commodities, services, Ukrainian companies.
Website for the Ukrainian fashion market. Clothes, footwear, fashion accessories and textiles for wholesale companies, retailers and consumers.

« Equipment for retailers, cafes, bars, restaurants and service»

Information about the equipment suppliers for shops, supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, hotels, laundries, dry-cleanings.

Since 1999
« All for light industry»

Information about suppliers of equipment, fabrics, accessories for clothes and footwear producers.

Since 2001

«Furniture of Ukraine. Catalogue of furniture manufacturers»

Advertising magazine about Ukrainian furniture.

Since 2003

« All for the furniture production and wood processing»

Information about the suppliers of equipment, raw materials, accessories for furniture manufacturers and wood processing.

Since 2000
« All for food and remaking industry»

Information about suppliers of food ingredients, packing, food equipment. There are 2 issues for different branches of  food industry.

Since 1999
«All for the agriculture»

Information about suppliers of machineries, equipment, raw materials for agriculture.

Since 2005
«Assortment: Clothes. Footwear. Accessories. Textiles»

Advertising magazine for Ukrainian fashion industry. Offers of Ukrainian clothes, footwear, accessories, textile producers and world brands for wholesale companies and retailers.

Since 2010
«Furniture business»

Magazine for Ukrainian furniture manufacturers and woodworking enterprises. Edition covers all aspects of furniture production and wood industry

Since 2014
«All for printing and advertising production»

Information about suppliers of equipment and expendable materials for printing, packing and advertising producers.

Since 2007